C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works

Below are some letters and a photo we received recently from some of our customers...


Just a note to let you know how the cross draw holster has performed.
I wore my Ruger SRH in your crossdraw holster for two weeks in the Kodiac,
Alaska bush.  I spent day after day hiking through the dense wet bush and
wading the waist deep Uganik River while fly fishing for Coho.  My revolver
and holster were constantly wet and often completely submerged in the cold
river.  The polymerized sealant that you applied did not remain on for very
long but the holster stood up well to the serious abuse that I gave it.
The heavy gun carried very comfortably in the cross draw holster.  I would
find myself checking to make sure I was still wearing it throughout the day.
I used the holster again while scouting out some rugged desert mountains here
in New Mexico prior to a deer hunt.  I wore it in the desert heat while
climbing over rock and cactus for two days and it rode comfortably on my
jeans belt.
Best wishes,
Dennis Connell
Corrales, New Mexico



Hi Rusty,
              Thought I would drop you a note to let you know how much I like my new crossdraw rig.  I carried a 5 1/2 pound 10" barrel Dan Wesson Super Mag. for 5 days across some of the most rugged terrain Wyoming has to offer and found it to be unbelievably comfortable.  Weight distribution is far superior to that of a shoulder rig and allows the hunter to carry a backpack and binoculars without overloading ones shoulders and neck.  That's a huge plus when you absolutely have to carry a pack.  Your rig also offered the most secure and controlled carry of any rig I have used.  Whether hiking up a mountain side, riding horseback or crawling on all fours.  Great Job!

Thanks,  Steve Smith

Below is photo of Steve and the beautiful Elk he took in November of 2002:
(click on the photo to view a larger version...
  if you look close you can see the holster on his left hip)

This elks scored 342 6/8 on Boone & Crocket
Has 58" main beams
Has a 46 1/2" inside spread