Field Holsters

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Dual Slot Field Holster
Designed to cover the weapon to prevent brush and tree limbs from causing damage when you are in the woods. Thumb break is standard and adds an additional measure of security. The dual belt slot allows for cross draw or strong side carry.

Price: $155.00

Available in cordovan, brown and black.


Double Loop Vertical Carry
Designed for the carry of large heavy weapons. Secure, and comfortable. Double belt loop, reinforced at the top to keep the weapon against your body.

Price: $165.00

Available in cordovan, brown and black.

Double Loop Cross Draw For Scoped Handguns
Massive amounts of leather are needed to build this rig! Double belt loops to spread the weight out on the belt and make for a comfortable carry. Believe it or not you can sit down with this holster.

Price: $205.00

Available in cordovan, brown and black.


Backpacker Dual Loop
A cut down version of the dual slot field holster, specially adopted for the .44 special mountain gun and other Smith & Wesson variations. Thumbreaked for security, dual loops so it can be worn cross draw or strong side. Ideal for the day hike or the longer pack trips. Extremely comfortable and fast when needed; the rest of the time you will have to check to be sure you have not left it at home.

Price: $135.00

Ruger Alaskan - $155.00

Available in cordovan, brown and black.


Big John's Crossdraw

"It is more comfortable than I thought was possible for this big sixgun!" 

 - John Taffin


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Big John's Half Flap Crossdraw
Named and created for pistol aficionado extraordinaire Big John. A heavy duty crossdraw designed to handle the big guns. A half flap with a one way snap will keep the gun in the holster. Ideal for horseback and tree stands.  Made from horsehide so you get a very tough holster yet light in weight.

5 1/2"   $180.00
7 1/2"   $190.00
9 1/2"   $200.00

NOTE: shown with shark trim   P.O.R.

Available in cordovan, brown and black.