Body Armor Holsters

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Large Vest Holster
A holster to be worn on the straps of your body armor. Forward cant that allows for a shooting grip. Molded for secure fit in force on force situations. Will not print on your shirt, so only you know its there. Designed with the aid and at the request of two working police officers. "Extremely comfortable"

Glock 26/27, 17/23, Ultra compact 45's, and med frame revolvers $130.00

P-32 Vest Holster
At the request of an Alabama State Trooper, a vest carry for the P-32. Slides on one strap, rides close to the body, molded on the inside face for security. Undyed to eliminate dye transfer.

J frame and small autos (Kel Tec p-32 ,380) $120.00