C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works

Below you will find a letter of endorsement for this holster from a Law Enforcement Officer:


 I just received the holster I bought from you in the mail. Thank you for making it and sending it promptly. I have been a Police Officer for 9 years and carry a back-up firearm. The holster I bought is a form fitting holster with no retention strap, that I secure on my bullet proof vest straps. I recently changed guns and that is why I ordered a second holster from you. I used the first holster for just over a year and it is still in the same great quality as when I first got it. During the time I used it, I was involved in several incidents such as foot pursuits, fights, fence climbing ,etc. and my gun always stayed secure in the holster. Though I never had to use my back-up, I was able to easily draw it quickly due to the holster's style. Thank you for making the great quality holster that you did and for making a product that eases my mind by letting me know my gun will be there in a time of need. I am showing my co-workers this product and suggest it's use due to the growing need to wear a second firearm in this line of work.

                                  Thank you,

                                  Pete B.

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