Product Index

The purpose of this page is to give you a visual index of all of the products I currently offer.  If you see a holster you like and want more information about it; simply click on the category heading and it will take you to the page with more information about each holster.  If you don't see what your looking for feel free to contact me.  I will be glad to work with you in creating the holster you are looking for.

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High Rise Double Loop

Mike Vial Double Loop

Heavy Cant Pancake

Heavy Cant Pancake Revolver

Tom Givens Rangemaster

Hi Rise Tail Loop



Vertical High Ride Scabbard

US High Ride Revolver

US High Ride Pistol

Between the Belt Carry

Gochenour Extreme High Ride

Vertical or Canted Paddle Holster

Brown Shoe Corp. Vertical Revolver

Steve's Special

Dangerous Dan's Vertical Hog Leg Carrier

Barry Sierra Gumshoe Special

F.N. 5.7 Concealed Carry

Dawson Light Rail System Holster - Call Sign Impact

Tom Givens Speed Draw



Pocket Holster

Dirty Doug's Pocket Carry


        Inside the Waist Band:

Inside The Waist Band

Solid Belt Loop I.W.B.

Sakelson Special Ops I.W.B.

Rangemaster Thinman I.W.B.



Ladies Extreme High Ride

Bosom Buddy

Ladies High Ride

Ladies High  Ride II



Dual Slot

Double Loop Vertical Carry

Double Loop Cross Draw for Scoped Handguns

Double Loop Cross Draw for Scoped Handguns

Backpacker Dual Loop

Big John's Half Flap Crossdraw



Dual Use Crossdraw

Old Boys Revolver Crossdraw


        Body Armor:

Large Vest

P-32 Vest



Doc's Shoulder

Brown Shoe Corp. Muzzle Up Shoulder


        Tactical Light:

Tactical Light



Ultra Light Ankle Carry

Joes 11-7 Ankle Carry


Cowboy Gear


Single Loop Half Skirt

Mexican Loop

Circa 1880 Single Loop Skirted


        Knife Sheaths:

Mexican Loop


Other Products:

        Flashlight Carriers:

Combat Flashlight Carrier


        Knife Sheaths:

Single Loop Offside Weapon Retentions System

Double Loop Offside Weapon Retentions System

Custom Knife Sheaths


        Magazine Carriers:

Double Magazine

Magazine and Flashlight Carrier

Single Magazine Carrier

Double Loop Single Magazine Carrier

Magazine and Leatherman Carrier

M-3 Combo Carrier



Paring Knife

The Operative



Dress Gun Belt Carry System

Ultra Thin Dress Gun Belt

Shark Dress Gun Belt


        Handcuff Case:

Bikini Handcuff Case


        Rifle Sling:

Easy Slide Rifle Sling


        Badge Wallet:

Tough Guy Badge ID Wallet


        Hyde Glyde:

Hyde Glyde