My introduction to custom holster making came from a Shop Piclong friendship with Ken Null, one of the elite holster makers in the world. Later I met Skip Gockenour director of the American Tactical Shooting Association and N.T.I., who by his input has provided me with good ideas, sound advice and tactfully direct critique of the gear I am making. A number of other professionals have also allowed me to draw on their years of experience, namely Chief Mike Vial, Sergeant Jim Ward, Corporal Bob Laughner, Pennsylvania State Police Executive Protection Unit, Bill Chiarchiaro, and many more. In the future I will continue to listen and draw from these people because of the practical information stemming from all of their experience. All of my holster are made only from horsehide because it is tougher and denser than any other type of natural materials being used. The holsters are thin and light even when the doubling is necessary. The beauty of the molded and boned horsehide is unsurpassed. If I can be of service whether it is an item on the web site or an idea of your own design, please contact me.

 C. Rusty Sherrick


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