C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works

Below you will find a email note from another satisfied customer...

Mr. Sherrick,
Just a quick note to let you know just how pleased I am with the belt and US
high ride holster you made for me. Upon receiving them I was immediately
impressed with the  superior craftsmanship of both pieces. The detailed
boning and perfect stitching are second to none. The color is very rich and
the undyed back of the belt and holster has put an end to the complaints my
wife had about dye bleeding onto my shirts.
After wearing the rig ten to twelve hours a day for over a week I am further
impressed by the comfort and draw speed. Once the holster was broken in the
pistol glided out effortlessly yet retention was excellent.
At a time when the current trend is toward cheap mass-produced Kydex it is
both refreshing and reassuring to know there are still true craftsmen, such
as yourself, that are willing to take the time to provide us with
extraordinary leathergoods. The products you make would be a bargain at twice
the price.
Thank you for your time and personalized attention. I will be placing more
orders with you in the near future.
Todd Keeney