C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works


I received my "Dirty Doug's" pocket holster today (less than 2 weeks from
when I ordered it) and am very impressed.
The holster fits well in a front pocket with my Kel-Tec P-32 and 1 spare
magazine, provides sufficient friction between it and the gun to properly
retain the gun without interfering with the draw, permits a full firing
grip, and minimizes printing in the pocket to the extent that any holster
providing a full firing grip can do so.
I really like the idea of having the gun and spare clip in the same unit, so
I don't need a separate pocket magazine holder that can fall out of a
pocket.  This is one of only 3 pocket holsters I have seen that is intended
to permit a spare clip to be carried in the same unit as the gun, and the
only one I have seen that actually works.
At least as far as pocket holsters for "mouseguns" are concerned, this is
the best I have seen.
Best regards.
Bill Lang