C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works


Mr. Sherrick,
First, my apologies for not thanking you sooner. I picked up my holster at the post office and left the state on a sales / training tour.
I could not be happier with your holster. It does everything it should and nothing it shouldn't. Even if I had the ability I couldn't improve it.
It has now been shown to police officers in Michigan, Illinois,
Wisconsin, Minnesota and Kentucky, none of whom detected the gun in my pocket until I revealed it. It became instantly apparent that this was  the way to carry a back-up weapon.
Again, I couldn't be more pleased.
Please accept my gratitude.
Dan Keuhn
Smith & Wesson


A follow-up note received later:

Mr. Sherrick,

Several months ago you sent me a pocket holster for the S&W, "J" frame for T&E.

In my 31 years in law enforcement, ( Michigan State Police- retired ), and my current employment with Smith & Wesson, I have never owned a holster that does such a superb job at what it is designed to do. It is well received at every class I teach...


Sincerely, Dan Keuhn
S&W Regional Manager