Cowboy Gear - Holsters

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Single Loop Half Skirt
A popular style from the gold rush era, can be worn strong side or cross draw. Due to the wide skirt this allows you to carry a Colt very comfortably.

Price: $145.00

Mexican Loop Pattern Holster
This holster is copied after several in "Packing Iron". A slight swell in the body profile as well as the tie down connecting the holster body and the skirt keep it from moving when you slap leather. Made from horsehide it can be dyed to suit your taste. Straight line beading is available at extra cost if you prefer. Reference page 118 "Packing Iron". A horsehide holster properly dyed gives the look of long trail use, so if you don't want to look like you just came from the general store, this is the holster for you!

Price: $145.00

Circa 1880 Single Loop Skirted Holster
Taken from "Packing Iron", a copy of a Heiser Saddlery single loop holster. Heiser sold theirs for $1.80, mine is slightly more. Made from horsehide, dyed and finished to suit you.

Price: $135.00 - 4 3/4" barrel
Price: $140.00 - 5 1/2" barrel